Welcome to SnagIt Editor

Use SnagIt Editor to apply professional, quality finishing touches to your captures. Also share or locate, view, and manage captures and multimedia files.

•      The Open Captures Tray automatically stores captures.

•      Editing options include flip, mirror, shear, rotate, crop, and cut.

•      Adjust the color depth, add text, or view the frames of a video capture.

•      Add custom edge effects such as drop shadow, torn or faded edges, and enhancements such as arrows, cursors, lines, text, and much more.

•      Use the Search Pane, find and move/organize captures.

•      In the Library, view captures as a thumbnail or a list view and sort by name, size, type, date, dimensions, flags or keywords.

•      Share captures via email or FTP, send to Office applications, or print multiple images.


Because SnagIt and SnagIt Editor are two separate applications that can exist side by side….

•      View more than one capture at a time.

•      Assemble multiple images together.

•      Visually select groups of images to e-mail, batch convert, and more.


For more information, see:

•      Get Familiar with the Editor

•      The Ribbon Tabs

•      The Quick Access Toolbar

•      Open Captures Tray

•      The Quick Styles Gallery

•      Common Editor Tasks

•      Work with Vector Objects

•      Transparency

•      Draw Tools and Special Effects

•      Image Effects

•      Color Effects